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I’m even suspicious of the word.  “Blog.”  It conjures up the image of a gelatinous belching mass of zeroes and ones coating the inside of my computer for its own nefarious purposes as I sleep. 

Pauline Gedge – Alberta Novelist

About Me

Hi, I’m Glen. I’m a retired Audit Manager from Alberta who now fills his time with travel and photography of old or unusual places in Western Canada. This blog began because of my passion for photography and the conviction that every photograph has a story that should be told. My main emphasis is photographing old, unique or abandoned buildings such as one-room schools, churches and homesteads on the prairies. Occasionally I’ll write about other extraordinary places and adventures.

I receive no income from this website. There may be advertisements because I don’t pay WordPress a monthly fee to host my blog.

My photographs have been published in two books, Abandoned Alberta by Joe Chowaniec, and The Canadian Rockies Trail Guide by Brian Patton & Bart Robinson (2022 edition). They have also been published in the following journals:

  • The Peace Country Historical Society, March 2022 newsletter, and
  • The Journal of the Alberta Genealogical Society, Volume 50, Number 2, May 2022.

I am a member of the Edmonton Chapter of the Alberta Historical Society.

In 2023 I became an honoured recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal in recognition of my website’s promotion of our provincial and national history. These metals are awarded to commemorate Her Late Majesty’s accession to the throne and over seven decades of service to Canada and the Commonwealth.

Let’s hang out.

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    Victoria was preparing a meal, turned from the stove, and there the coyote was on its feet but weaving about.


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