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A Very Unusual Church

This is a 2019 blog post that has been totally rewritten in 2021.  The colour images are unchanged but just about everything else is new.  I’ve received an extensive amount of information about an epic journey to Canada.  It was newsworthy in June 1924 when it hit the papers.  This revised blog is about an epic journey that once again shows that the truth is far more extraordinary than fiction.    Click below at where it says “view original blog post” to continue reading.   

Glen's Travels

In 2019 we hauled our little trailer up to the Peace Country of Alberta for photography and a vacation. “The Peace Country” generally refers to the northwest part of the province where the land is a mix of meadows and forests; of course the mighty Peace River runs through it.

I had planned to photograph many sites on this trip but one in particular was a must see for me. It was Saint Pokrovsky Greek Orthodox Church, in the general area of Hines Creek, Alberta. It is an extraordinary Old Greek Orthodox Church of log construction. I knew nothing of the history of this old church when I arrived to photograph it. A lot of my blog posts start that way. I visit an interesting looking site of an old church, school or homestead and only after I return home and start some research do I realize that something special…

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5 thoughts on “A Very Unusual Church

    1. Thank you Kelly. I sure like it better than the original.


  1. Great old church! My mom grew up in Worsley and I see that church about once a year when we take a trip up there. Thanks for the update, Glen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment. Now when you head north and see the old church you might remember a little about the great journey that ended here.


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